What do the Sales Targets and Well-being Goals have in common?

What do the Sales Targets and Well-being Goals have in common?

Sales targets, Sufficient pipeline, Defined customer journey, Confirmed close plan

Those are Fundamental ingredients for Quota Retirement (or achieving those sales targets).

Yes it becomes more complex and you need some skills, competences, relationship, knowledge, materials, investments, …you name it….BUT in a nutshell…once you have a goal, you need a solid action plan.

And the same goes with our FIT Lady goal….

Creating Goals with a Plan of Action

If you have ever set goals before, but failed to achieve them, it may have been because you did not create a specific plan of action to accomplish those goals.

Taking the time to set goals is only part of the process of goal setting, and many people often overlook the other part, creating a plan!

Without a plan your goals remain incomplete. It’s like having a destination but without a map. Your goals tell you where you want to go in life, and your plan tells you how to get there.


A goal plan is simply a list of scheduled activities that you will do sometime in the future. (In Sales, we may call it Customer journey) These may include activities done over a series of days, weeks, months or even years depending on the type of goal you set for yourself.


Your plan does not have to be completed perfectly the first time. Usually, you will find that your first attempt at creating a goal plan will be vague and incomplete. Don’t worry this is ok. Plans should be flexible and so are likely to be constantly updated as you move towards completing your primary goal.


In your plan you should therefore create a series of steps, you think you need to accomplish that goal. So, think of it like preparing a meal. Your ultimate goal is to make a lunch (and eat it!), but the ingredients and the things you do with those ingredients are your plan. Once you complete the plan, you complete your goal.


Creating a goal plan is frequently overlooked, and many people discipline themselves to write their goals every day but create no plan! So, make sure you take the time to decide where you want to go (your goals) and then create a plan that will tell you how to get there!